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Terms & Conditions of Trading

Turnell & Gigon Group of Companies

Please quote your account number when requesting any information or placing orders.
All orders placed either verbally or in writing indicate acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Trading.
All our fabrics should be dry cleaned by a specialist company. Do not use steam when ironing glazed chintz. Colour Fastness
All our fabrics, trimmings and wall-coverings contain natural fibres and are not guaranteed against fading, particularly when exposed to direct sunlight or moonlight.
Colour Batches
Colour may vary from one batch to the next. If an exact match is required, please request a cutting from stock and we will reserve the quantity you require for 10 days. Unfortunately stock cuttings are not available for wallpapers or trimmings.
Approval Samples
Non-returnable cuttings are available of most of our fabrics on request.
However, if large samples are required these are supplied on loan for four weeks and will be invoiced without further notification if they are not returned within that period.
Minimum order for fabric is one metre. Unless otherwise stated, orders will be cut to the nearest 10cm.
Minimum order for trimmings and wallpapers are as specified on the respective supplier price page.
The price payable is that shown on the price list in force at the time of despatch. We reserve the right to alter prices or to withdraw fabrics from the range at any time without prior notice. We endeavour to ensure that our customers are supplied with up to the minute price lists.
However, we strongly advise that prices be checked before finalising orders and that the price you expect to pay is indicated on your order.
Payment Terms
Payment is due within 30 days following the invoice date or as otherwise notified from time to time.
If the Company's standard terms of payment are not observed, the Company has the right to change the status/terms of any account after a written warning.
Credit Cards
We are now able to accept payment by Debit, Visa and Mastercards cards.
Delivery of Continental ranges is, in most cases, direct from the factory to your nominated address. The delay is approx 3-4 working days.
Delivery of trimmings from France is approx. 10-14 days and all goods from the U.S.A take approx 14-21 days.
Delivery of carpet is subject to special terms -details on request.
Delivery to the UK mainland is £25 per parcel excluding V.A.T.
For all other areas carriage will be charged at cost
All cancellations of orders must be in writing. Cancellation will not be accepted once fabric has been cut.
No claims for non-delivery, shortage, faulty material, damage etc. can be entertained unless presented within 15 days of the date of invoice
No claims of any kind will be accepted once the goods have been cut or processed.
Wallpaper Claims will take 48 working hours to be addressed.
No returned goods will be accepted for credit unless previously agreed with us, when a handling charge will be imposed. Liability of supply
All goods are limited in liability for any fault or defect to the sum not exceeding the purchase price less VAT.
This condition takes precedent over any third party terms of purchase.
Discontinued Items
All fabrics not shown on the price list are discontinued. However there may be some stock available. Please refer to us. Dimensions
All widths and pattern repeats shown on the price lists and labels are approximate.
Applicable for CHARLES BURGER, EDMOND PETIT & VERASETA fabrics only
1-10 metres: £420.00 + VAT [+ the cost of the fabric]
11 metres or more: Setup Charge: £150.00 + VAT
plus £15.00 per metre + VAT [+ the cost of the fabric]
Please allow for up to 10% shrinkage in the gaufrage processing
If a treatment is required to achieve a higher level of fire retardancy, this will be at the customer's risk and no liability will be accepted for any changes to appearance, handle etc. Please nominate the treatment house you would like us to use and place an order direct with them. We will accept instructions to deliver on your behalf only.
Specific terms apply to carpets - refer to us for further details
The Company's name may only be used on a web site if the following condition is observed. The name of the website must in no way harm the Company, its image or reputation. It is at the Company's absolute discretion if permission is given to have any form of link established.
None of the personal information provided on this form will be shared with a 3rd party. For more information on how we use your data, please refer to our privacy policy, which is available below:


The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force on 25 May.


Permission to store and process your data

To manage your company's Royal Warrant and subscription, we need to record personal data, some of which is held digitally and some as hard copy, for example trade account application forms,  business cards and website subscriptions and general enquiries.

Personal Data

Personal data is data which can be used to identify you. This includes your name, email address, phone number etc.

Data Storage

Your information is stored electronically on a cloud based database system, and our external web server. Data is also stored on our local servers within our office. Both the external and internal systems can only be accessed by those employed by the Turnell & Gigon Group.

Your data will primarily be used for managing your trade account. It will also be used for sending update emails and your info will be included on our website if you are a stockist for the group, however you can request to have this data removed from these publications at any stage.

Data Controller

The Turnell & Gigon Group is a Data Controller and therefore determines the purposes for and the manner in which any personal data is held or processed. The Group is responsible for your data and must ensure that it is processed according to the law.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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