Turnell & Gigon's pop up Caribbean Suite by Kit Kemp

We are delighted to have launched our new pop up at Focus this year.

We are honoured that Kit Kemp of Firmdale Hotels agreed to decorate our room this time and, inspired by her home in the Caribbean, she created a delightful, tropical and vibrant set.

The sitting room walls are lined with a fabric by Raoul, which Kit has coloured specifically for the scheme, to give a new freshness to the design.

Offset against this backdrop are a selection of upholstered sofas, chairs and tables, many of which are Kit's designs, and can be purchased through Shop Firmdale.

This leads though to the dressing room, where walls have been covered in a large scale Jean Monro handblock linen, incorporating a traditional dressing table; a nostalgic reminder of romantic dressing rooms, which often do not make their way into houses today.

Lustmore - Jean Monro's new print

Lustmore is a lovely painterly representation of foxgloves, printed on a beautiful linen. An unusual and more contemporary palette for Jean Monro!

More details on our Fabrics page.

Jean Monro Fabrics Being Used

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